Mont-Blanc 3 training #2: OmpSs programming model and Dynamic Load Balance library

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 13:00 to Friday, October 6, 2017 - 13:00

As part of the effort to maximise the benefit of ARM processors for HPC applications, the Mont-Blanc project organizes a training on:

  • OmpSs, the parallel programming model developed by BSC and building on the OpenMP programming model, which also includes support of heterogeneous platforms;
  • the Dynamic Load Balance (DLB) library, a library aiming to speedup hybrid parallel applications, and improve the efficient use of computational resources within a compute node.

Objectives of the training

  • To introduce the basic concepts of the OmpSs programming model
  • To guide the audience towards more complex scenarios: MPI+OmpSs
  • To introduce the Dynamic Load Balance (DLB) library
  • To make the audience touch and feel all the topics with hand-on sessions

Target audience

The training is open to partners of the Mont-Blanc consortium, and to students, researchers and professionals who have an interest in the Mont-Blanc system software and application ecosystem.

General audience not related to the project is also very welcome, but subject to the seat limitations.


Registration is free of charge, but the number of seats is limited, so registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

Please register filling this online form before September 26th - EoB.


  • Private or corporate laptop with possibility to login to remote servers
  • Basic knowledge about parallel software infrastructure
  • Ability to run parallel applications on remote clusters is beneficial
  • Attendees participating with their own codes / applications / mini-apps are welcome. Please contact the organizers in advance if you have specific requests.


Thursday Oct 5th, 2017

Session 1: MPI+OmpSs

14:00. Introduction to OmpSs

14:30. Tasking and task dependences

15:00. Hybrid approach MPI+OmpSs

15:15. Interoperability library

15:30. Execution environment / account setup

15:45 Coffee break

Session 2: MPI+OmpSs hands-on

16:00. OmpSs single node

17:00. MPI+OmpSs

18:00 End of first day

Friday Oct 6th, 2017

Session 3: Dynamic Load Balancing

09.00. Introduction to Dynamic Load Balancing

10.00. DLB Hands-on

11.00. Coffee break

Session 4: Dynamic Load Balancing hands-on

11.30. DLB Hands-on (continued)
            and Hands-on coaching on partner's apps

13:00. End of training


  • Xavier Martorell and Xavier Teruel for the MPI+OmpSs part
  • Victor Lopez and Marta Garcia for the DLB part

More information
Slides: PDF1 - PDF2 - PDF3