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A MOOC based on this tutorial is available on the Mont-Blanc Moodle site.  It’s free, you can open an account and self enrol instantly. The quizzes are included, and you can get a certificate if you complete the full course. But you can also browse through the course and complete only the sessions that are most relevant for you.

The full recording, the slides and the pre-recorded demos are available below.

Introduction to Mont-Blanc 2020

Pascale Bernier-Bruna (communication manager, Atos)

Presentation slides (PDF)>>

Mont-Blanc Simulation Framework

Alejandro Nocua (R&D Engineer in SoC Arm Modeling, Atos)

Presentation slides (PDF)>>

Introduction to the MUSA (MUlti-scale Simulation Approach) framework

Francesc Martinez (Simulation Engineer, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre) and Adrià Armejach (Senior Researcher, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre)

Gem5 First Steps

Grégory Vaumourin (Software Engineer, Atos) and Joël Wanza (Simulation Chief Architect, SiPearl)

  • Introduction to Gem5
  • Hands-on
  • Recent gem5 features

Presentation slides (PDF)>>

SVE Programming

Bine Brank (PhD Student, Jülich Supercomputing Centre)

  • Options for generating SVE code
  • Emulating SVE instructions using ArmIE
  • Exploring executables using ArmIE

Gem5 SVE hands on

Richard Cooper (Staff Research Tools Engineer, Arm) and Javier Setoaïn (Staff Research Engineer, Arm)

  • Saxpy example
  • HACC example
  • Discussion of the gem5 SVE Implementation

Presentation slides (PDF)>>