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Forum ORAP

March 28, 2017 9:00 am

This 39th ORAP Forum will explore two topics:

  • International (China, Japan) and European projects presentations will be an opportunity to emphasize the rising interest for ARM-based HPC architectures, among other considerations and visions delivered by large players.
    A presentation of Mont-Blanc by Etienne Walter is included in this session.
  • Trends in I/O and storage for HPC will then be highlighted by academic or industrial experts, from technology to applications, emphasizing also new concepts and software organization aspects.

These two topics are not disconnected: usage evolution in all domains is questioning an increasingly intertwined vision of computing and data processing. This will be illustrated by the different technical, scientific or strategic presentations, and we will be able to discuss how more and more crucial data movement and storage features and capabilities must be globally envisioned.