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HiPEAC Computing System Week

March 2, 2013 9:00 am to March 3, 2013 6:00 pm

Gnodal, a Mont-Blanc partner, has been invited to give a keynote speech about the future of interconnects during a thematic session with key experts from industry.

Title: Coming Challenges for the Interconnect

Motivation and objectives:
The interconnect is the key component that permits the connectivity between all the components in a complex system. As technology advances, larger systems are designed, both at microscopic level and at macroscopic level. Thus, the interconnect is present and influencing inside the chip and at the core of large installations for cloud
computing, datacenters, and HPC computing. The larger the system is, the more significance is paid to the interconnect.

Currently, the interconnect is called to address new functionalities arising from both domains. At chip level in order to become as fast and (power) efficient as possible, and in large systems in order to provide correct means of virtualization and partitioning. This is specially needed in datacenter systems. Also, reconfigurability of the
interconnect is becoming a necessity inside the network to adapt to the changing environment and the different needs of the workload. In addition, we need to armonize and allow efficient implementation of other components in the system hierarchy, that is, the network must be designed not in isolation but with a system perspective.

In this thematic session we will address the interconnect component from both views, at chip level and at large-system level. The main target will be the discussion and exchange of ideas to identify coming challenges and the best practices to address them. Synergies between different communities (embedded and HPC) working on interconnects will be also the focus.