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HiPEAC Conference 2017: Tutorial Scientific Computing on ARM-based Platforms

January 24, 2017 9:00 am to January 25, 2017 6:00 pm

Mont-Blanc will be present at the HiPEAC conference 2017 with a full-time tutorial titled “Scientific Computing on ARM-based Platforms” organized jointly with ARM. If you want to attend to this training, register to the HiPEAC conference. Register here: 

Started in 2011, the Mont-Blanc project leverages the fast growing market of mobile technology for scientific computation. During the project, several ARM-based computational platforms have been deployed and configured as production systems for HPC. In this tutorial the Mont-Blanc consortium open these platforms to the public enabling for the first time ARM in general HPC.


High performance computer architecture: The architecture of several ARM-based HPC platforms, deployed and tested during the last four years of research and development within the Mont-Blanc projects will be presented.

Tools for compilation, evaluation, optimization: A complete software stack for performing scientific computing on ARM-based systems, including compilers, performance libraries and performance analysis tools will be made available.

Low-Power Solutions – Monitoring and investigation of the power consumption of scientific codes running on innovative ARM-based platforms will be possible.


  • Get a comprehensive view of the architecture of the heterogeneous ARM-based platforms deployed in the framework of the Mont-Blanc project, including ARM multicore clusters based on mobile and server technology.
  • Allow attendees to compile and test scientific codes on innovative ARM-based systems with the support of Mont-Blanc experts.

Target audience and requirements

BSc (or higher) degree in science or engineering with basic knowledge in parallel computing. We foresee some hands-on session, therefore attendees should bring their own laptop.

Draft of agenda

  • Session 1 – Covering the Mont-Blanc project and the architecture of the ARM-based machines plus high-level overview of ARMv8 instruction set. (90 min talk)
  • Session 2 – Using the BSC ARM based machines (Login, Job Execution, Support). It includes simple hands-on exercises for compilation, job submission etc. (45 min talk + 45 min hands-on)
  • Lunch / Break
  • Session 3 – Developing applications on ARM based machines. Covering compilers, debuggers, OpenMP, MPI, basic optimization techniques. (30 min talk + 60 min hands-on)
  • Session 4 – Advanced development options: ARM Performance Libraries, advanced optimization techniques, other performance analysis tools. (30 min talk + 60 min hands-on)
  • Session 5 – Discussion and wrap up. (30 mins)