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HPC User Forum – March 2018

March 6, 2018 to March 7, 2018

The 68th HPC User Forum, operated by Hyperion Research (the former IDC HPC analyst team), is hosted by CEA and Teratec, at the CEA’s Très Grand Centre de Calcul (TGCC) near Paris. The HPC User Forums promote the health of the global HPC industry and address issues of common concern to users. Participation in HPC User Forum meetings is open to anyone with an interest in high performance computing or high performance data analysis (big data using HPC), including users, vendors, funders, and others. 

Though Mont-Blanc or Mont-Blanc 2020 were not officially attending this event, they both were present through Atos, whose presentations highlighted the work done with both projects, and particularly focused on the Arm-based BullSequana X1310 system directly derived from the Mont-Blanc 3 Dibona prototype.

Agnès Boudot, Head of HPC at Atos, mentions Mont-Blanc as part of the contribution of Atos to European HPC
Eric Eppe introduces the long-time commitment of Atos/Bull to Arm-based HPC – with Mont-Blanc
A view of the BullSequana X1310 blade derived from Dibona.