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IHPCF: The 2nd International High Performance Conference Forum

May 21, 2015 9:00 am

Mateo Valero, the Director of BSC, will give a keynote about the project. The talk will be titled “Montblanc : High Performance Computing based on mobile embedded technology “.


In the late 1990s, mostly economic reasons led to the adoption of commodity processors in high-performance computing. This transformation has been so effective that in 2015 the TOP500 list is still dominated by x86-based supercomputers. In 2015, the largest commodity market is the one of smartphones and tablets, most of which are built with ARM-based SoCs. This leads to the suggestion that once mobile SoCs deliver sufficient performance, mobile SoCs can help reduce the cost of HPC. In view of the experiences within the Mont-Blanc project, this talk will describe possibilities, results and challenges raised when developing HPC platforms from mobile embedded technology.