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Training: Multi-level Simulation Approach (MUSA)

May 11, 2018

We are organizing a full-day tutorial on 11 May 2018 from  9:30 to 17:30 in Barcelona, about the Multi-level Simulation Approach (MUSA) developed within Mont-Blanc 3. The tutorial will include an overview of the Mont-Blanc 3 project, a technical explanation of MUSA and an extensive hands-on session.

This tutorial is part of the PATC courses that BSC organizes regularly. Other tutorials are planned during that same week at BSC, making up a full week of training on HPC tools: Performance Analysis and Tools on 7-8 May, and Heterogeneous Programming on GPUs with MPI & OmpSs on 9-10 May.


  • Get a comprehensive view of the architecture of the heterogeneous ARM-based platforms deployed in the framework of the Mont-Blanc project, including ARM multicore clusters based on mobile and server technology.
  • Understand the challenges associated with large-scale HPC simulations.
  • Understand the basic concepts of architectural simulations and introduce the MUlti-scale Simulation Architecture (MUSA), developed within Mont-Blanc 3 for the simulation of next-generation HPC architectures.
  • Hands-on and study of a use case using MUSA. Tools for architectural simulation that include a complete software stack for performing architectural simulations at scale of thousands of cores will be made available.

Target group: INTERMEDIATE – for participants with some theoretical and practical knowledge (All courses are designed for specialists with at least 1st cycle degree)

There is no registration fee.