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Barcelona Supercomputing Center Selects Allinea Debugger for Mont Blanc Project

November 11, 2011

Nov. 11 — Allinea Software ( has been selected by the Mont Blanc Project as its preferred debugger for ARM processors using Allinea DDT 3.1. The newly launched Mont Blanc Project aims to set future global High Performance Computing (HPC) standards, through its utilisation of ARM technology to develop energy efficient HPC systems. The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), which is coordinator of the 14 million Euro project, are using Allinea DDT on their prototype ARM cluster in the porting of HPC applications to this new platform. Alex Ramirez, Coordinator of the Mont Blanc Project, comments: “The debugger for parallel applications is a critical piece of the system software stack; one that was missing on our ARM based prototypes. This is very good news for Mont-Blanc, and for all others developing software on ARM clusters”. Mike Fish, CEO of Allinea Software, adds: “Most of the Mont Blanc software development partners already license Allinea DDT in their systems: Juelich, LRZ for SuperMUC, GENCI for Curie, and CINECA as well as Bull – and we are now delighted to bring our world-class debugging product to the ARM platform and work with BSC to further optimize it for what we expect to be an important architecture for HPC.”. The Mont Blanc project, which brings together a valuable group of experienced researchers, high performance computing experts and cutting edge supercomputing technologies, can now utilise Allinea’s advanced parallel debugging tool to achieve their software development objectives. A tool that is acclaimed for its ease of use and simplification of debugging at scale, Allinea DDT 3.1 is the most advanced debugging tool available for scalar, multi-threaded and large-scale parallel applications.
Source: Allinea Software