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Battle Intensifies To Become Cloud Hardware Leader

April 5, 2017

“The existing white box suppliers may be joined by a new breed of ARM-chip based server providers, including Cavium, Applied Micro, QualComm and AMD if there proves to be a market for ARM-based processing among the cloud suppliers. ARM chips, which typically power mobile devices, are low power consumers for the amount of work they do.

In one example, Cavium has been selected by the European Mont-Blanc high performance computing project as the basis for its ARM server architecture. Cavium will partner with manufacturer Atos to produce servers to be used by the project. The project seeks to find a breakthrough technology for building an “exascale” computing platform at a lower than usual cost.

“The project takes a holistic approach, encompassing not just hardware, but also operating system and tools, and applications. The new platform will therefore be a key asset to all Mont-Blanc partners, to assess options for maximum compute efficiency” for an ARM-based high performance compute platform, said the announcement of the partnership on Jan. 16.”…