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Mont-Blanc 2020 project to develop key building blocks for the European Processor Initiative

October 26, 2018

At the ISC’18 Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, Primeur Magazine met Said Derradji, project coordinator of the Mont-Blanc 2020 project, on the Exhibition floor. Said Derradji works at Atos R&D in the Big Data and Security Department. The Mont-Blanc project has always been a pioneer in ARM for HPC. The first Mont-Blanc project was using a mobile processor to do HPC. The following projects, Mont-Blanc 2 and Mont-Blanc 3, focused on the ARM ecosystem and software ecosystem. Mont-Blanc 3 built a real platform with a several-grade ARM CPU, the Cavium ThunderX2. Mont-Blanc 2020 is the sequel of the Mont-Blanc project story. The idea is to now be able to develop a System-on-Chip (SoC), a European processor, based on ARM cores and optimized for HPC.

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