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Mont-Blanc project selects Samsung Exynos 5 processor

February 5, 2013

Table of contents
◦Message from the HiPEAC coordinator
◦Message from the project Officer
•hipeac activity
◦HiPEAC Autumn Computing Systems Week, Ghent
◦HiPEAC welcomes Technical University of Sofia
◦REFLECT and 2PARMA projects’ Fall School
◦HiPEAC Mini-Sabbatical – Sascha Uhrig
•hipeac announce
◦ACACES 2013: 14th-20th July, 2013, Fiuggi, Italy
◦Book on Utleon3: Exploring fine-grain multi-threading in FPGAS
•hipeac news
◦Four HiPEAC members getting leading roles in academies, associations, and committees
◦HiPEAC member Christophe Dubach receives Intel early career faculty honor program award
◦HiPEAC student Pejman Lofti-Kamran receives intel doctoral student honor programme fellowship
◦EUPHORIA: A new european lab in programming and design of heterogeneous many-core systems
◦Ugent-CSL-HES group wins Stamatis Vassiliadis memorial award
◦Amazon web services award for cloud-based compiler tuning
◦MCC’12: 5th Swedish workshop on multi-core computing
◦HiPEAC students from university of Cantabria receive best paper award at ICPP 2012
◦The PAPAGENO parallel parser generator
◦Compiler, Architecture and tools day at Intel Haifa
◦New HiPEAC member: Lucian Vintan, University of Sibiu, Romania
•hipeac students
◦Internship report – Antonio García Guirado
◦Internship report – Paolo Burgio
◦Internship report – Alexander Jordan
◦Rapid prototyping of 3-D Hybrid Virtual Systems-on-chips
•in the spotlight
◦T-CREST project: Time-predictable multi-core architecture for embedded systems
◦Mont-Blanc project selects samsung Exynos 5 processor
•phd news
•upcoming events