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June 17, 2015

European Exascale Projects

The European Exascale Projects (booth #634), composed of CRESTA, DEEP/-ER, EPiGRAM, EXA2CT, Mont-Blanc and Numexas, continue their joint activities at this year’s ISC.

The projects host a workshop on 16 July entitled ‘Is Europe Ready for Exascale? A Summary of Four Years of European Exascale Research’. In three sessions, the projects elaborate on first results, challenges faced, and insights gained, which forms the basis for sharing of best practices and intensive discussions. The programme is designed to address an extensive range of Exascale aspects ranging from hardware development to changing programming paradigms or novel algorithms and user-friendly tools. Hence the agenda will appeal to a broad audience from computer and application scientists, to hardware developers, software engineers, junior scientists, industrial users or HPC vendors.

Additionally, the projects welcome conference attendees at the booth during the exhibition: DEEP/-ER and Mont-Blanc will show the latest hardware; EXA2CT presents proto-applications and software libraries; EPiGRAM focuses on Message Passing and PGAS; NUMEXAS develops unstructured meshers and embedded methods for industry.