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Codethink launches 32 core ARM server using Marvell chips

August 20, 2012

By Lawrence Latif
Mon Aug 20 2012, 11:54

UPSTART SERVER VENDOR Codethink has introduced its first ARM based server sporting Marvell Armada XP chips.

Codethink, which traditionally provides software engineering products, has dipped its toes into ARM server design, launching its Baserock Slab server. The firm has specified the server with eight quad-core Marvell Armada XP ARMv7 chips.

According to Codethink, the Baserock Slab server is all about high computational density and parallel processing. To that end the firm cites that its half-depth 1U servers can result in a single rack with 2,432 cores including switching and power distribution equipment. Codethink touted the servers’ support of both SATA and mSATA hard drives.

Codethink’s Baserock Slab server is cobbled together from modules made by Cogent and linked together using Marvell’s Ethernet switch, which supports software defined networking. Each node will have up to 5Gbit/s network connectivity to each processor while external network connectivity will be two 10Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces.

Ted Weatherford, senior director of Marvell’s Cloud Services and Infrastructure business said, “Codethink and Cogent have collaborated to deliver a great multi-processor server integrated by a high performance and intelligent network fabric for SMP ARMv7-A clustered cloud servers.”

ARM server vendors are starting to jostle for position as the market is nearing production status. With Linux distributions such as Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu pushing ahead with ARM architecture support, firms are looking at the high density, low power servers for edge deployment.

Codethink said it will be shipping its Baserock Slab server in the next few weeks. µ…