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Lesson learned from EU supercomputer prototypes

May 20, 2014

The “Workshop on exascale and PRACE prototypes” took place on the 19 and 20 May in Barcelona. Almost 60 attendees came together to discuss five different prototypes, alternative cooling technologies and heat re-use.

Understanding the growing relationship among computer architectures, new programming models and new cooling technologies in order to progress towards exascale supercomputing was identified as one of the new issues to be confronted.

Alex Ramirez, coordinator of the Mont-Blanc project and one of the speakers at the Workshop, explains that “supercomputing is no longer a matter of assembling shiny and powerful pieces of hardware but it involves several important aspects, from programming techniques up to building constructions for power efficient computer facilities, crossing very different areas of science, computer science and engineering”. He also pointed out that “having in the same room experts from whole Europe sharing they experiences in several of these fields is a great moment of enrichment for the European supercomputer community”.

The workshop was hosted in Barcelona immediately prior to PRACEdays14, the first Scientific and Industrial Conference held by PRACE, themed “HPC for Innovation – when Science meets Industry”.

The presentations are available on the Prototypes section.