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Mont-Blanc activities at SC17, Denver

December 5, 2017

Awards, scientific papers, BoFs, invited talks, poster, booth… the Mont-Blanc team had a hectic time in Denver! Arm was the unofficial theme of SC17, so this obviously gave us an advantage.

For those who did not follow our SC17 adventures on Twitter, here is an overview.






An HPCwire award for Mont-Blanc

Kennedy award for Jesus Labarta

European Exascale Projects booth


Poster “Is Arm Ready for HPC?”




An HPCwire award for Mont-Blanc

First things first, the 2017 HPCwire awards were announced on the first day of SC17, and we were incredibly happy to win the Editor’s choice Award for Best HPC Collaboration between Academia/Governement/Industry. We proudly received the award from Tom Tabor, CEO of HPCwire.

Atos was awarded a prize for its Arm-based BullSequana X1310, the commercial system directly derived from the Mont-Blanc prototype. The Cavium team congratulated both Mont-Blanc and Atos and had their picture taken with the award and the prototype board!

Kennedy award for Jesus Labarta

We would like to offer our warmest congratulations to Jesus Labarta, of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), who was distinguished with the ACM/IEEE-CS Ken Kennedy Award. Jesus is well known to all Mont-Blanc partners for his inspiring contributions to our project. The prize recognizes his seminal contributions to programming models and performance analysis tools for high performance computing. The Award ceremony gave Jesus Labarta the opportunity to share his views (From Latency to Throughput ages) with a large audience.

European Exascale Projects Booth

Mont-Blanc was sharing the “European Exascale Projects” booth with projects SAGE and DEEP-EST.

The motherboard of our Dibona prototype, equipped with its Cavium ThunderX2 processors, was prominently displayed on our pod, and caught the eye of many visitors.

Pascale Bernier-Bruna (Atos) presents our exhibits in this video shot on the booth.

Poster “Is Arm Ready for HPC?

BSC’s Fabio Banchelli (left) and Daniel Ruiz (right) had their poster selected for the Student Research Competition. They presented a preliminary evaluation of the Arm system software ecosystem, focusing on the Arm HPC Compiler and the Arm Performance Libraries, together with a porting and testing of three fairly complex HPC code suites: QuantumESPRESSO, WRF and FEniCS. If you want to know more, you can read the poster abstract.


Last but not least, Mont-Blanc partners were present in many sessions:

  • On November 12, Roxana Rusitoru (Arm) was in the panel of the Eighth Annual Workshop for the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group (EE HPC WG), with her talk “Arm and Energy-efficiency at Mont-Blanc”, already successfully given at the HPC Summit in May.
  • On November 13, Paul Osmialowski (Arm) presented his paper “How The Flang Frontend Works – Introduction to the interior of the Open–Source Fortran frontend for LLVM” at the LLVM-HPC2017 workshop
  • On the same day, the 3rd Annual Arm HPC User Group meeting was hosted by the GoingArm organizers Roxana Rusitoru and Jonathan Beard (Arm). It featured an invited talk by Filippo Mantovani (BSC) on next-gen ecosystem.
  • In parallel, Constantino Gomez and Daniel Ruiz (BSC) presented their contribution to the Mont-Blanc project on the multiscale simulation infrastructure and the HPCG benchmark at the ATIP workshop, in one of the sessions dedicated to young researchers.
  • November 14 afternoon saw us running between meeting rooms to keep pace with all the presentations! First the Mont-Blanc project was mentioned several times by Eric Van Hensbergen (Arm) during the Panel “The Arm Software Ecosystem: Are We There Yet?
  • Later in the afternoon, Filippo Mantovani (BSC) was one of the session leaders of BoF “Arm User Experience: Testbeds and deployment at HPC centers“. The session was so successful that they had to move to a larger room, as the one initially appointed could not hold all the attendees!
  • Finally, Mont-Blanc was one of the three projects selected to present their work at the BoF organized by ETP4HPC and EXDCI “European Exascale Projects and their Global Contributions“. An excellent summary of this BoF was published by The New Platform: “Europe Elbows For A Place At Exascale Table.