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Porting the Mont-Blanc 2020 applications to the Arm ISA and SVE: deliverable D3.5 available

July 30, 2020

A representative set of applications was selected at the beginning of the Mont-Blanc 2020 project, to be used to build a comprehensive evaluation environment for the Mont-Blanc 2020 IP blocks. (See Mont-Blanc 2020 Mini Applications for a list and details of the selected applications.)

Those applications have now been ported to the Arm ISA and SVE, and are ready to be used with the Mont-Blanc 2020 demonstrator. Discover the strategies used by Mont-Blanc partners BSC and Jülich for these porting efforts, and the conclusions they are drawing, on this page and in deliverable D3.5 for more details.

With respect to the SVE ISA, we have found that it is easy to reason about its vector length agnostic paradigm, which enables to write simpler and shorter code. More importantly, its C language extensions and datatypes are much more intuitive and comprehensive than other currently available solutions.

Conclusion from Deliverable MB2020 D3.5