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Second face-to-face meeting and third Mont-Blanc training

October 9, 2012

From October 8 – 9th 2012 the Mont-Blanc team organized an project meeting and an internal training opened also to DEEP project members (agenda).

In the project meeting, the working team discussed the latest issues about the project and planned future activities. The group had also the opportunity to have more technical meetings about the different work packages of the project, as well as interpillar meeting among different work package to find synergies among the working teams. The meeting finished with the preparation of the first year review, that will take place in November.

The three day training organized in collaboration with the DEEP project collected a group of ca. 20 people where the Fortran &OmpSs programming model was the main topic of this training, among others. This course is open for partners in the project DEEP as well as CRESTA. On Thursday 11th October the DEEP project will take the opportunity to organize their project meeting in Barcelona.