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A summary of our activities at ISC 2018

July 15, 2018

Scientific papers, posters, workshops, booth… the Mont-Blanc partners had worked hard to make our projects very visible at ISC, and share our vision and findings with the HPC community gathered in Frankfurt.

For those who were not with us in Frankfurt – and did not follow us on Twitter during ISC – here is an overview.


Mont-Blanc was sharing the “European Exascale Projects” booth M-214 with European projects SAGE and DEEP-EST. We exhibited the motherboard of our Dibona prototype, equipped with its Cavium ThunderX2 processors – the full blade was exhibited on the Atos booth.


  • Tuesday, 26 June: Cavium largely mentioned Mont-Blanc and our Dibona prototype in their Exhibitor Forum session


  • The Mont-Blanc 2020 poster was selected for the Project Posters session

Student Cluster Competition

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) team sponsored by BSC and Mont-Blanc competed in the Student Cluster Competition. If you are not yet convinced of the benefits of the Student Cluster Competition, listen to the interview of Daniel Ruiz Munoz – student in the UPC SCC team in previous years, advisor to the team this year, and now working for Arm Research.

Going Arm workshop

Roxana Rusitoru (leader of Software Ecosystem in Mont-Blanc 3) and Jonathan Beard from Arm organised another successful edition of their GoingArm for HPC workshop on Thursday, 28 June, in front of a large audience. The agenda included a significant proportion of speakers currently or formerly involved in Mont-Blanc / Mont-Blanc 2020!

  • Dirk Pleiter (Mont-Blanc 2020 and Jülich Supercomputing Centre) “Enabling HPC Applications for ARM: Today and Future”
  • Guillaume Colin De Verdière (Mont-Blanc 2020 and CEA) “Going to Arm, a Code perspective”
  • Simon McIntosh-Smith (University of Bristol, formerly Mont-Blanc 2) “Isambard – The World’s First Large-Scale Production 64-Bit Arm Supercomputer”
  • Filippo Mantovani (Mont-Blanc 3 and Barcelona Supercomputing Center) “HPCG: shared memory implementation and evaluation on the Cavium ThunderX2”
  • Etienne Walter (coordinator of Mont-Blanc 3, Mont-Blanc 2020, Atos) closed the day with a presentation of the Mont-Blanc 3 Project