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Two new deliverables available on application tuning and optimization on ARM platforms

October 2, 2017

Mont-Blanc partners have released two new public deliverables to share their work on the ARM software ecosystem.

AVL, BSC, and the University of Graz wrote a report on their optimization experiences for 9 applications. If you are interested in OmpSs and DLB, or in Lulesh, HPCG, QuantumESPRESSO, etc., read D6.4!


BSC, HLRS and UVSQ wrote a report on two major contributions to the project:

  • The porting to OmpSs/OpenMP4.0 of several production applications and mini-apps of the project, with a focus on new functionalities
    of the OmpSs programming model that we consider “disruptive”, and on their actual benefits when executing on large HPC machines.
  • The successful porting and test of CERE on ARM architectures. This allows to extract regions of interest of large applications, called codelets,
    running on ARM platforms to be “replayed” on architectural simulators, reducing their simulation time, or to be used for the development of mini-applications.
    To learn more, read D6.5!

More Mont-Blanc 3 deliverables: