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Mont-Blanc 2020 NoC: A low-power and high bandwidth Network on Chip generator

MB2020 NoC, the Network on Chip generator developed as part of the Mont-Blanc 2020 European project, targets Systems on Chip designed for High Performance Computers. It is based on the new CHI protocol and designed and optimized for processors with many high-performance cores, accelerators and several High Bandwidth Memory stacks which require a very high bandwidth coherent Network on Chip. The NoC can manage the requirements of the Scalable Vector Extension set of instructions developed to target HPC workloads, it supports cache coherency, cache stashing, snoop filtering, atomics transactions and distributed last level cache to limit data movement. In this paper, we first present an overview of the NoC, then we describe our emulation-based validation methodology and finally we explain how it integrates within the European Processor Initiative program whose first generation of HPC processors is expected to be ready by 2022.